What does the association KINDER in NEPAL e. V. want to achieve?

    Many people, when thinking about Nepal, imagine magnificent landscapes, majestic mountain scenery and the originality of the countries inhabitants.

    There is less aware that Nepal is one of the world's poorest countries. As always, last link in the chain suffer the most - the children.

    Child labor is widespread and partly necessary to feed the family. For example, we have seen a 5 year old boy working in the quarry. He was busy tapping natural stones to measure, which are then transported as export goods for paving of pedestrian zones to Germany.

    This can be condemned, but that does not help the people concerned. We feel that a better way out of this situation is to help Nepal help themselves. In the long run, our goal is to enable as many children and adolescents as possible to have a good educational opportunities and to enable them to concentrate through adequate medical care and healthy nutrition.

    With the Children's Model High Secondary School in Kathmandu, we have found a very good and reliable partner. This private school, with a boarding house, is run by Mr. Dev Regmi and his teaching staff with a high personal commitment and a lot of love for the children. The special feature of this school is, besides the excellent educational opportunities that children of all castes are brought together here. Our association is primarily engaged in sponsoring individual children, but we also help with teaching aids and the further expansion of the school.

    When we choose distressed children for our program together with Mr. Regmi, they are mostly malnourished and in a miserable state of health. Due to the unimaginably bad hygienic conditions, diseases such as youngsters, diarrhea, eczema, etc., are widespread among poor children. Medical care is either not available or not affordable. With the Dhulikhel Hospital and the doctor's office of Dr. Ram Shrestha, we have created a connection to allow the children outstanding medical attention.

    In Nepal it is observed that deep poverty and the prospect of a better life for the children lead to parents giving their children away. Some get adopted, but many also get into the hands of unscrupulous agents. Illiteracy and indescribable miseries characterize the conditions under which many, too many children grow up.

    This is where the association KINDER in NEPAL sets its efforts: Our goal is to enable needy, education willing children to grow up in a healthy environment. Medical care and balanced nutrition play an important role.

    In Nepal the social conditions and the living conditions for all have to improve. This can only happen from the inside out. Well-educated children who take a future-oriented job are the driving force here. They will pass on the education and care they receive.



    • Reisebericht 4.2018

      Reise vom April 2018 von Renate Schlitt Aus dem sommerlich warmen Nepal ganz liebe Grüße. Mein Mann und ich sind nun bereits eine Woche in Kathmandu und es gibt vieles zu berichten. Diesmal sind wir Anfang der Schulferien hier angekommen, doch keines der Kinder ist in sein Heimatdorf gefahren, da sie die Zeit mit uns verbringen wollten. Als wir vorige Woche Freitag in die Children’s Model School kamen, warteten schon einige von ihnen am Schultor, denn wir waren zeitlich angekündigt worden. Ja, WhatsApp macht’s möglich. Eigentlich sollten der Schulleiter, Herr Dev Regmi und Frau Ambika , zuerst begrüßt werden, doch ehe wir uns versahen, war das Gepäck mit Briefen und Geschenken in Prem’s Zimmer gebracht worden und  erwartungsvolle Kinder hofften auf die Post Ihrer Sponsoren. Also hieß es...


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