Situation after the earthquake

    The number of deaths in Nepal has now risen to more than 9,000. 2.8 million People need urgent help and 500,223 of them are homeless. More than 400 aftershocks and landslides do not let people rest. They are desperately looking for help – but where to begin when everything can be destroyed in the next moment?

    We are very fortunate that all of our children have survived the earthquake and can remain in Kathmandu Valley at the boarding school, all other schools are closed and have sent the students home; many schools are destroyed.

    The kids are safe at the boarding school. They do not spend the night outside anymore; they have overcome their fear and now sleep in their beds. Of course, they run into the yard when the earth shakes again. But they know their school is safe. Dev Regmi tries his best to keep them moving around. Every morning there is yoga and playful activities in the yard.

    They then help with preparing the meals and restoring the collapsed walls which delimit the property to the street. Playing is called for, reading and not least Bollywood television. Normally this is not allowed to often, but now this addiction can be enjoyed daily. Football and basketball are also played.

    In addition, the school has started relief activities together with the children, where they take the school owned bus to remote villages to help clean up. They distribute clothing, water and food. The need is great, the people in the villages are often confronted with having nothingness left - their livelihood is destroyed, help is bitterly necessary.

    Let us hope that the earth in Nepal finally comes to rest. We should whenever possible point to the need in Nepal and motivate people to help through donations.

    We experience that donations are often made when it is clear that at KINDER in NEPAL we use the money directly for rebuilding the homes of our children's parents. In addition, the KiN board of directors decided to include two additional children who had lost their parents through the earthquake to the sponsoring program.





    The newest from the children!

    The latest, exciting travel report from KiN chairwoman Renate Schlitt can now be found under the heading "TRAVEL REPORTS". Take a look and experience first-hand contact with the children. Enjoy!


    Oberursel Brunnenkönigin 2016 Nadine I. and her Brunnenmeister

    On April 9, 2016, KiN member Nadine Peter was enthroned as the Oberursel Fountain Queen. At their explicit request, a large raffle was organized to support the association KINDER in NEPAL e. V. Many Oberursel businesses and companies donated their profits. The revenue, with an increase from the Association Ring, was given to KINDER in NEPAL e. Thank you to all participants.





    The new brochure: A chance for children in Nepal

    Now it is ready, our revised brochure, which we use to advertise for new members. It has an attractive A5 format and motivated on a total of 8 pages to get involved with children in Nepal. Members of the association can always receive a fair amount of brochures for their own donation activities - a call to Renate Schlitt is sufficient to secure your needed quantities (Tel.: 069-685624).







    Another title in karate

    In the middle of May 2016, school championships took place at the Children's Model Higher Secondary. The CMHSS once again took the first place in the overall ranking – overall eleven gold, five silver and one bronze medals. Preeti was also the best fighter of all girls. All KiN members congratulate the winners and wish them all the best.



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